Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We Love You Beau!

I don't even want to write this post but I want to keep everyone up to date.
Beau had his appointment this morning and the news isn't good. He is going to have surgery Monday morning to remove, what they think, is a malignant tumor. They say it is so large that they probably won't be able to remove it all and he will have to have chemotherapy or radiation to shrink the rest.
I am so devastated. I can't even imagine what he and his wife are going through right now. We were supposed to take the kids to see him today but he was just not up for it. He was tired, his head was his hurting him and I am sure he is sad.
I have faith that he will make it through this. He is strong and young and I am confidant he will be o.k. He's a fighter and we will be by his side the entire way.

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The VanderHoevens said...

Your family will be in our prayers. - Valerie