Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cul-de-sac Court

Chance has spent a lot of time in the cul-de-sac this summer. Tonight he played with three friends that live just a few houses down.We have the best basketball court just outside our door. Love it!

It was a beautiful day and he was out there until about 9:15 P.M.

I love summer!

Grandpa and Tractors

Question: What could be better than Grandpa, Lowe's Hardware Store, and John Deere tractors.Answer: Having your cousin there.
Grandpa called today and wanted to know if Gunnar could come over. He was so excited because cousin Luke was going to be there too. They went on a few errands with grandpa and clearly had a blast.

My dad is looking so good. He said the last time he sat on one of those tractors he got stuck. Not this time. Not only did he not get stuck but he had about a foot of room to spare.

He has lost 80 pounds!!

You are such an inspiration dad. I am so proud of you and what you are doing to ensure you are with your family as long as possible.

Now if only I could stop dreaming of a hot fudge sundae.

YoU'lL ShOoT YoUr EyE OuT!

Coby has been spending a lot of time with his BB gun this summer.
He got it earlier this year and hadn't really played with it much. It has made an appearance though and it looks like he is getting to be a pro. He says his shot has "really improved". The box says it all...

Be careful Coby and DoN't sHoOt yOuR eYe oUt.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coach Eric's Surprise

Coby had his Panther's banquet on Saturday. It was at Wheelz in Fircrest. Coby had just gone skating at Pattison's West for Sophie's party so he was excited to go again. However, he had in-line skates at Pattison's and he had regular skates at Wheelz.

He had gotten used to the in-line skates so he could barely move in the regular ones. He quickly took them off and traded. Much better. Gunnar tried to skate but found it very difficult. I was able to go around with him a few times but he never really got the hang of it.

John tried to help. Gunnar decided to stick with the carpeted area...much easier.

Steffon and Coby

The banquet was complete with pizza, soda, and cake!Thank you Coach Eric!Coach Eric had a surprise for the boys. He brought in a special guest. His name was Abdul Gaddy from Bellarmine Prep. He graduated this year and is going to UW next year. He is an amazing basketball player. Eric said don't be surprised if you see him in the NBA someday. I'll be looking for him. The boys were told to bring something that could be signed so Coby brought in a mini basketball so it could be displayed in his room later.

Abdul signed it and Coby was super happy. Personally, I was expecting someone a little different. I didn't know who until the second surprise walked in.

Coby is a HUGE Huskies fan, and so is John, so you can imagine their surprise when in walks... You guessed it (if you watch Huskies basketball)...ISAIAH THOMAS. Coby was so excited. He couldn't believe it.I have to admit, I was a little star struck myself.

Those of you who don't watch the Huskies probably think we were nuts but those of you who do know why we were so thrilled.

This guy is amazing. He is only 5 ft. 8in. and he can dunk. He truly is a star player for the Huskies. I have been hearing all about him from Coby so I was so happy he got to meet him. It was very fun!The kids had all gotten their autographs and pictures. They were standing around talking when I decided that I wanted a picture with them, as well. I guess all of the adults were embarrassed to get a photo until someone else did because right after I got mine, they all wanted one also. So funny!

Both of these guys had played for the same league as Coby...the Northwest Panther's. That is how Coach Eric knew them. What a great banquet. I am sure this is a day the team will always remember. We had a great season and it was a perfect way to end it. Thank you Coach Eric for helping Coby and thank you to the team for being such great kids to play ball with.

See you next year.

Go Panther's

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sand Hill

It was a beautiful day and the kids had been begging me to take them to Dash Point State Park so they could go to the "Sand Hill". I finally caved. We picked up two friends and headed out.
Dash Point is only about 5 minutes away from our house and oh so beautiful!

The boys ready to explore.

Gunnar, Mikey (Coby's bff), Coby, Chance, and Zach (Chance's bff)
I was going to stay back at the picnic tables while they walked around. I gave the camera to Chance and told him to take a few pictures. Little did I know he would take a ton. Like mother like son.

With 5 boys I was sure that we would have a few accidents. I wasn't wrong. Zach came running back from the Hill with blood all over him. Apparently he was digging and cut his finger pretty bad on something in the sand. At first I thought we were going to have to go to the hospital for stitches. After I cleaned it out, while Zach was crying and screaming, I was able to see that it wasn't deep enough for stitches...thank goodness. I had a first aid kit in my car. I used a sterile wipe and then wrapped it in gauze and tape and sent him on his way.

Soon after that, Chance proceeded to jump from the top of the sand hill. He twisted his ankle...of course. He was in pain for a while but it didn't swell or anything.

Boys will be boys.

It was so warm and beautiful and despite their injuries all of them had a really good time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance (performance show #3)

I am sad to say I was a little disappointed with last nights show. I didn't LOVE, LOVE a lot of the dances. My favorite dance was the hip hop/rocker dance performed by
Brandon and Janette I thought it was the best one of the night.
The judges went crazy for the contemporary dance with Randi and Evan but I thought it was a little strange. I usually Mia Michael's stuff. Maybe I will have to go back and watch it again. I could have missed something.

Monday, June 22, 2009

UP in 3D

My mom and I took all of the cousins to see UP in 3D.
Before we met my mom and Lucas at the theater we headed to Wendy's to get some lunch. I had 6 kids so we ordered off the value menu. Yummy! Actually the chicken sandwiches were really good. There were so many "special" orders that I felt sorry for the guy at the other end. However, our order was perfect. Thank you Dave!

Chance was sitting in the front seat so he was feeling a little left out while I was taking the pictures. Oh...there he is.

Chance was rockin' out...as usual.

Ready for the movie...Sophie, Coby, Chi, ChanceIsaiah looked like he was having some issues with his glasses.I promise he was not wearing them like that the entire time...at least I don't think he was.Gunnar loved it!Thanks for coming with us grandma.We had fun with all of the cousins and the movie was really good.

We are so lucky to have cousins close by. We love you!