Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 35th Birthday John!!

35 reasons why I LOVE John!!

  1. he is an amazing, fun, thoughtful, helpful father
  2. he is a loving, caring, tender, sweet, wonderful husband
  3. he makes me laugh
  4. he is fun to be with
  5. he is gorgeous
  6. he honors his priesthood
  7. he is always thinking of others
  8. he compliments me all the time and
  9. he makes me feel good about myself
  10. he is awesome at guitar
  11. he is smart
  12. he is good at his job
  13. he makes me feel safe
  14. he is strong
  15. he has beautiful hands
  16. he has the most wonderful blue eyes
  17. he watches Survivor and Amazing Race with me
  18. he is a great handyman
  19. he understands me
  20. he has loved me through everything
  21. he is a great cook
  22. he is always there when I need him
  23. he is honest when I ask him how I look
  24. he is a good kisser
  25. he loves kids and animals
  26. he always smells so good
  27. he wants me to be happy
  28. he works hard so I can be home with our boys
  29. he puts others before himself
  30. he is spontaneous
  31. he can help Chance with his math homework when I cannot
  32. he has a great voice
  33. he is warm
  34. he makes those around him happy
  35. he brings the best out of everyone

I love you so much John. These are just a few reasons why...there are 100's of other reasons though.

Happy Birthday!! old man!

Gifts For Daddy

The boys were so excited to give John their gifts. As soon as he got home from work the boys wanted him to open them up.
Gunnar made John a wonderful card...all by himself. He also gave him a UFC hat.
Chance made him a card, as well, and gave him $10 so he could buy whatever he wanted.
Coby made him a card and then gave him Mariner baseball cards of all his favorite, past and present, M's players. He also gave him a coupon for a free icecream at Coldstone Creamery.Thanks Gunnar,Chance,and Coby.
John and his boys.I got John a Husky hoodie and sweats.
I also got him some silver Nike shoes I knew he wanted.

John and I went to BJ's restaurant for his birthday dinner. We were going to go to the movies but we couldn't find anything we wanted to watch.
We hope you had a wonderful birthday, John. We love you!

All Star Game

Coby had his "All-Star" basketball game last Saturday. It was held at Stadium High School, in Tacoma.
Side note:
If you saw 10 Things I hate About You then you probably remember the scene where Heath Ledger sings his song on the steps of the stadium. The picture below is the very stadium and the very steps..crazy.The school is absolutely beautiful. Chance will be going there, not this year, but next.
Here is the team having a chat before the game starts. This was the first time this season we played against a team that had a boy taller than Coby.

Let's go Coby.Two points...On the bench. We were playing for the Norpoint League and there were games going on all day long. We were the last team to play for the day. We were playing against the Metro Parks League. Only one Norpoint League team won alllll day. However, the boys had a great game...and won.

The all-star team coached by Marvin.Coby was so excited because even though his friend, Tanner, was not on his team during the regular season, he got to play with him during this game. It was fun.

Tanner and Coby after the game. Great job boys!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Honor Roll

Chance had his Honor Roll assembly last night. He works so hard and is getting great grades.
Chance and Spencer, our neighbor, waiting for their names to be called.
Chance was embarrassed that I was taking pictures of him but he managed one smile for me.
...and receiving the "Blue Award" Chance Martineau!

Chance, Layne, and Spencer eating their refreshments.Good job Chance. We couldn't be more proud of you.Man, I look old.I think this is the first picture of Chance and I where he is taller than me.

SCARY!! It is so wrong.

Crazy Straw

Coby thought it was hilarious that he was drinking out of this silly straw.It was quite funny.

From the time Coby was a little baby one of his majors goals in life was to make people laugh. He does a pretty good job at it, too.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gunnar Can Read!

Gunnar has been working so hard and he has become an amazing reader.

This video is a little long but if you just watch the beginning you will see how great he is.

Good job Gunnar. Mommy and Daddy are sooooo proud of you!!

80's Day

It is Spirit Week at Chance's school. He had to dress up as if he were from the 80's. We didn't really have anything but he went with a pink shirt with the collar up and a jean jacket.Of course his outfit wouldn't be complete without the "tight-rolled jeans". Those were the days.

"Mi Familia"

Chance had to do a project for Spanish class. He had to make a "family tree" for one side of his family. (He chose my side because I knew we had pictures of everyone.) On Friday he has to give an oral presentation, in Spanish, explaining what he did and who is on his board. Good Luck Chance!

The Red List

I know you are not going to be able to believe this, but...
Gunnar passed
THE RED LIST!! Yep...you heard me. He is one spectacular boy!The Red List was...here, over, they, made, put, her, other, are, him, yes, by, give, how, blue, one, who, time, as, very, his
This was a very hard list but Gunnar worked through it.
Whoo Hoo!!!
Next...The Blue List

I would say that this was impossible but I think I have said that with each new list and he surprises me every time. I said, "Gunnar, look how hard these words are". To that Gunnar replied, "those don't look so bad".

Jewelry Party

My friend, Jen Webley, makes the most amazing jewelry. I had a party at my house yesterday for a bunch of friends who wanted to come check it out.Jen is absolutely incredible. Her necklaces are one of a kind and you can't find pieces like these in stores. It is so hard not to buy 50 different necklaces/bracelets/earrings.
Gunnar was quite the model and had a blast trying on all the necklaces.Looking good Gunnar!
Oh yeah!Even though he is wearing women's jewelry he still had to prove he was a "man" by flexing his muscles.
I got two necklaces. This one is my favorite...

You can take a look at her blog at...


Monday, March 23, 2009

Movie Night

Isaiah came over to play on Saturday. His parents weren't going to be back until late. The boys were so excited when I brought out sleeping bags, popcorn and put in a movie.

They got propped up on a million pillows and were ready for the show.

Isaiah picked...You gotta have popcorn.

This was Isaiah halfway through the movie...This was Gunnar...

Gunnar stayed up for the entire movie. I was surprised. He had a fit when I told him it was time for bed and he couldn't watch SpongeBob. I think it was about 10:30. I am such a mean mom.