Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 35th Birthday John!!

35 reasons why I LOVE John!!

  1. he is an amazing, fun, thoughtful, helpful father
  2. he is a loving, caring, tender, sweet, wonderful husband
  3. he makes me laugh
  4. he is fun to be with
  5. he is gorgeous
  6. he honors his priesthood
  7. he is always thinking of others
  8. he compliments me all the time and
  9. he makes me feel good about myself
  10. he is awesome at guitar
  11. he is smart
  12. he is good at his job
  13. he makes me feel safe
  14. he is strong
  15. he has beautiful hands
  16. he has the most wonderful blue eyes
  17. he watches Survivor and Amazing Race with me
  18. he is a great handyman
  19. he understands me
  20. he has loved me through everything
  21. he is a great cook
  22. he is always there when I need him
  23. he is honest when I ask him how I look
  24. he is a good kisser
  25. he loves kids and animals
  26. he always smells so good
  27. he wants me to be happy
  28. he works hard so I can be home with our boys
  29. he puts others before himself
  30. he is spontaneous
  31. he can help Chance with his math homework when I cannot
  32. he has a great voice
  33. he is warm
  34. he makes those around him happy
  35. he brings the best out of everyone

I love you so much John. These are just a few reasons why...there are 100's of other reasons though.

Happy Birthday!! old man!


Auntie Romi said...

We love you too, John. Happy Birthday from the Afework family. You will always be young to us old fogies!!!

Deon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN! What a great list Jaime!