Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hawks Take 2nd

Coby had his last Norpoint game on Thursday. They were playing the best team in the league.

Here he is trying for a free throw.

(It is a little long but I couldn't figure out how to cut off the end...sorry.)

The boys lost but they did such a great job. This team is the youngest in the league but they still managed to come in 2nd place. Amazing. Dan is the best coach ever. We would like to thank him for having Coby on the team. Coby has learned more in this one season than he has his entire life. Thank you Uncle Dan!! You are truly the...

BEST COACH IN THE WORLD!!! Coby's stats...

10 points

12 rebounds

2 blocks

2 steals
Coby and Malachi had so much fun playing on the same team.

This was probably the only time they will ever be able to be on the same team.

It was a blast!1-2-3...Go Hawks!!
Coach Robin and Dan

Conner, Ben, Derek, Malachi, Coby, CJ, Zach, & Austin.

Here's to a great season.

p.s. I promise I will not do these long posts with baseball. I realize I got a little carried away. It was fun though. Baseball's to cold.

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Deon said...

Way to go boys!!! They did so good this season! I have loves reading all of your post about their games!