Monday, March 16, 2009

Party Time!!

Chance had his birthday party on Friday. I let him invite 6 of his closest friends for pizza and a sleepover.
Hunter, Jacob, Zach, Chance, Nick, Layne, Gunnar, Coby, and Spencer. He wanted a basketball party. Usually, I decorate the cake to match the "theme" but Chance wanted brownies so I didn't have to decorate anything...yay!!
The party started at 6 o'clock but the first guest showed up at 4:30...hmmmm! The next at 5:15. Odd!!
The first thing the boys did was go outside and play basketball. Then, I made them come in for some pizza. After pizza they went back outside for a "Nerf gun fight".
It was hilarious. I was sitting reading my book and I see one boy go outside with a huge Nerf gun, followed by another boy with an even bigger gun, until eventually, every single boy was outside with a different Nerf gun. I had no idea we had that many. Every single boy had one. 9 to be exact. They had so much fun. Then they were "forced" to come in to open presents. Chance got a lot of money and gift cards. He can't wait to go shopping. He also received another Nerf gun (that has glow-in-the-dark bullets), and a book.
After presents they went back outside, though it was getting dark, and played "Alien Tag". I am not sure what alien tag is, but they had a blast. I finally made them come back in, for good. It was getting super dark and cold. Time for cake.

Make a wish Chance...
I think Chance had a really good party. He has great friends and they were all very well behaved and polite. I have never, however, heard so many burps and farts in my entire life. I thought 3 boys were bad...try 9. Throughout the night I heard loud rock music, guitar hero, Napoleon Dynamite, drums, and other video games all going on at the same time but, when we finally made them go to bed they were quiet and I was, actually, able to fall asleep before 1AM.

Love you Chance!


scott and ashley said...

So cute! Sounds like a great party- except Scott would have loved to come to the nerf gun war- he LOVES them!!! :) Boys, boys, boys

Karla said...

LOL - too funny! :)

You are a brave Mama, Jaime! Glad he had such a great time!