Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pick a Color...Any Color

I had a conversation with Coby on Saturday and it went something like this...

Me: Coby, go get a baseball belt for your game.
Coby: O.K. mom, where are they?
Me: In the bin with alllll of the baseball equipment.

Coby left and a few minutes later he came back empty handed. We were in a hurry so I was getting a little frustrated that he still didn't have a belt on.

Me: Coby, what are you doing? Go get a stinkin' belt.

I went into the room (where the baseball bin was) and found these all over the floor...
Coby: I need black.

Are you kidding me?
We have a hundred different belts and he needs black...AAAAHHHHHHHHH!


Deon said...

TOO FUNNY but really not!

amie979 said...

HAHAHAH! Honestly though even if the black belt was there...he wouldnt have seen it;)