Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hawks Semi-final Game

The Hawks had a great game tonight...I am so done with basketball though. Don't tell Chance and Coby I said that.
Good steal Coby.Halftime Halftime game...bump.
Coby's stats

6 points
13 rebounds
3 blocks
7 steals
2 tie-ups

We won by a lot. Whoo hoo!


Chance had a field trip today at the Pacific Science Center in downtown Seattle. Hunter and Chance on the bus ride.

Most people had 4-5 people in their group. For some reason I had 8. Are you kidding me. 8 seventh grade boys. You can imagine how fun it was keeping track of them all.
Nicolay, Luis, Evan, and David. Half of our group.
On our way into the Science Center.

Chance and his best friend Zach. We spent a lot of time in the butterfly sanctuary.

Then we watched a Laser Show.
Chance, Zach, Sean

One of my favorite things about the trip were the crazy mirrors. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to die.

I think we spent about 50 minutes dancing and posing in front of the mirrors.

After the boys figured out they could make their muscles look really huge they spent forever flexing...hilarious.BubblesCool hair Chance...the "air machine".Mini Chance.

The last thing we saw was...

Except for the bus ride home; we had an amazing time.

Titans Game #5

Another night, another game...Rebound Chance!
Coach Kyler giving advice to the team.
Chance and Jordan There were no subs last night so the kids got really tired.
Chance had a side ache.
Nice shot Chance!
Chance's stats...

2 points

4 steals

1 rebound

2 blocks

The Titans lost but the boys did a great job.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Basketball 2/24

Coby had another great game on Tuesday.
Nice defence Cobes! Most of the game, however, he did this...
and a little bit of this...
but mostly this...

He only played about 9 minutes of the game but he did great.

10 points

1 rebound

4 steals

2 assists

The Celtics won...

24 to 14

Where's the Craft?

Gunnar was a little upset when he went to the Fife Play Park this week. They didn't have their scheduled craft so Gunnar had to settle for this "stinkin" Winnie the Pooh color page. Oh well.Looks good Gunn.He made his own "fort". He was very proud.Claire even enjoyed it. His little buddy, Stephen, showed up. Stephen loves Gunnar and just follows him wherever he goes. It is very sweet.After the play park we went to Taco Time.
Gunnar shared his stamps with Stephen.
They had a great time. We are so lucky to have such great friends.