Sunday, May 30, 2010

A New Do

I was in need of a cut and wanted to go short. I was a little nervous cause I was getting about 6 inches cut off. I also needed to get it colored to hide some of my gray hair. So sad. Next time I think I will even go shorter...maybe.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 on 3 Seattle

Coby's team decided to play in a three on three tournament in Seattle. They separated the team in two..Team Roy Black and Team Roy White.
Coby was on Team Roy Black which was confusing because they were wearing white most of the time...whatever. Coby's team won game 1 and 2... and 3.That meant theat they had to play their "other" team in the semi-finals.
Team Roy against Team Roy!It was a hard game to watch because it would be so sad for whoever lost. In the end, after a hard faught game, Coby's team won. On to the championship game.

Team Roy Black consisted of... Jovi, EJ, (EJ's little brother, Jadyn, stepped in for LJ because he got hurt the day before the tournament). Tavion, and Coby.
In the end we lost but the boys played their hearts out.

UFC at The Walks

I am so happy to have friends that will watch the UFC with me. John and I were invited to JD and Analisa's house to watch the big fight.
JD, John and EricJenn, Me, and Analisa We had such a great time!

I wonder who would win in this fight?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Talented Mrs. Miles!

I got the awesome privilege of going to one of Jenn's concerts. I was practically in tears because I was so impressed and moved by how fantastic she was. She is extremely talented and inspiring. I am proud of her for picking her horn back up and showing the world what she's got.

It truly made me think about the things in my life that I used to be good at but haven't done for so long that I have completely lost my talent. How sad is that? I was reminded of the story in the Bible.

And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth...(Matthew 25:25)

For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath. (Matthew 25:29)

Jenn, Thank you for reminding me of this. You were AMAZING and I can't wait to watch you again.

Go Twins!

I can't believe t-ball is almost over. It seems strange that I will never have another child play t-ball. My boys are growing up.
Can I just say that Gunnar is so good at baseball. He gets to the ball and always knows exactly where to throw it. He plays smart and I love it.

He has learned a lot this year and I can't wait for him to start ABall.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Meeker Basketball

Chance is having a great season.
I am so glad he decided to play this year.He has really improved and it shows in all of his games.Rebound Chance!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pizzeria Field Trip

I had a car full of crazy kindergartner's.
Owen, Gunnar, Kian
Angelina, Etienne, and Ayden Gunnar's kindergarten teacher owns our local pizzeria. Gunnar was so excited to have a field trip with his 3rd grade book buddy.
(Once a week his friend Dawson, from the 3rd grade, comes and reads with him. In fact, Dawson's entire 3rd grade class comes to Gunnar's classroom and they are all paired off. This starts at the beginning of the year so by the end of the year they love their book buddies.)
Here is Gunnar making his pizza with the supervision of his teacher's cool. Deciding what toppings to put on his pizza. There were so many choices.He stuck with pepperoni.Waiting for his pizza to bake.Almost done! Looks delicious!!!Mrs. Sharp showing the kids how to knead the dough. I am so glad I got to go with Gunnar. I helped in the kitchen keeping all of the orders straight and writing the names and orders on all of the kids plates.After all of the kids had been fed I got to make a pizza myself. It was so good.Owen, Dana and Gunnar

Dana, Gunnar, and McKayla (p.s. Gunn is in LOVE with McKayla).Gunnar's buddy Taylor
Our group.

We had such a great day!

Friday, May 21, 2010

3 on 3 with Regus

Coby had a 3 on 3 tournament this weekend with Malachi and his friend Tanner.Cobes and Tanner They threw a team together at the last minute. I can't remember the other two boys names.
Coby loves playing on a team with Chi.
They didn't win a single game...but they had fun!

James Dean

aka...Gunnar Gunnar was excited to dress up for "Blast from the Past" day at school. I think he was just happy not to wear his uniform.
I told him that I wanted to get a picture of him before we left for school. He ran to the front door and struck a pose. He decided to be serious and not smile.

He didn't even crack a smile...not once. Didn't he look cool? He thought so.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Grandma was an amazing cheerleader! We were so glad she came to cheer on the boys!! They won their last game but, unfortunately, they were done with the tournament.
~Coby and Malcolm~However, we couldn't leave Yakima without getting a Miner's BurgerThey were bigger than Luke's head.

and Grandma's.We had a great time in Yakima and Coby did a super job in his tournament.On the road again.

Rocks in the River...mostly

After bowling a few of the boys went down to the river.
EJ, Junior, Gunnar, Coby, and JaydenIt was beautiful.

They had a competition to see who could throw a rock all the way across the river.
After many, many attempts Coby was the only one who was able to do it. He was very happy.