Sunday, May 2, 2010

Team Roy Pot Luck Surprise

Coby's basketball team had a pot luck. It was so much fun. We played dodge ball, ping pong, football, and, of course, basketball.Dodge ball was hilarious. I was the referee.All of the big boys...and dads played. We have a dad that is about 6 ft. 7. So I decided refereeing would be a better/safer idea. Gunnar loved it. Coby and Chance are so good at dodging the balls. It is amazing.
After a few games we were all sitting down and eating when in walks a big/tall surprise... Brandon Roy. Brandon Roy plays in the NBA for the Portland Trail Blazers. It was so exciting. Coby was in shock and just stared with his mouth wide open for a while. Brandon Roy sponsors the team and his cousin, Marvin (the one sitting on the right of Brandon in the picture below), is one of Coby's coaches.

Team Roy with Brandon Roy himself...
Malcolm, Jovi, LJ, Jason Jr.
Coach Jason, Montrae, Stef'fun, Brandon Roy, Coach Marvin, Tavion
Coach Earl, EJ, Zane, Coby
Coby and Chance we starstruck... so was I.Gunnar couldn't leave without a picture with Brandon.
So cute.

We had such a great time and it was an amazing surprise.

Thank you Brandon!

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