Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 on 3 Seattle

Coby's team decided to play in a three on three tournament in Seattle. They separated the team in two..Team Roy Black and Team Roy White.
Coby was on Team Roy Black which was confusing because they were wearing white most of the time...whatever. Coby's team won game 1 and 2... and 3.That meant theat they had to play their "other" team in the semi-finals.
Team Roy against Team Roy!It was a hard game to watch because it would be so sad for whoever lost. In the end, after a hard faught game, Coby's team won. On to the championship game.

Team Roy Black consisted of... Jovi, EJ, (EJ's little brother, Jadyn, stepped in for LJ because he got hurt the day before the tournament). Tavion, and Coby.
In the end we lost but the boys played their hearts out.

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