Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chi turns 8

Happy 8th Birthday Malachi Daniel!!
My nephew Malachi turned 8 years old today. He is such an amazing boy. I remember seeing him take his first breath. He melted my heart the first moment I saw him... and still does to this very day.
Chi's birthday party was a miniature Olympics. It was so much fun. The boys split up into 3 teams and competed in different events. At the end they were awarded their medals...bronze, silver, or gold. Chance and Coby won a lot of medals. They loved it. Great idea Romi.

Coby being awarded the gold medal for baseball. Sophie handed out the golds.
Chance receiving the silver in basketball from Grandma.
We love you Malachi.
Christian and Chance--------Coby, Christian, Chance, and Addison
All the party guests.
Look at all those boys...wearing their madals proud.

Monday, August 25, 2008

13 Years

August 19, 1995

We were so young.

Not any more...
But still in love.
We didn't have grand plans this year but we did go out to eat and talked about our past 13 years together. We asked what our favorite memories were. We had a great time and it was nice to sit and reflect.

I love you John.
Thank you for making me so happy.

Stewart Heights Pool

We went to Stewart Heights Pool in Tacoma. I had not been in a bathing suit for years... I was very brave. We had a great time and I decided that I am going to go swimming more often. I'm not going to worry about it anymore. Life is to short. We went on the water slide and we floated on the lazy river.
Gunnar was even able to go on the slide.
He was so scared at first but he loved it.
I loved the lazy river.
Coby and Chance trying to get the courage to jump in the cold water.

Trying to get dry.

Lions Jamboree

Coby had his football jamboree right after the Farmer's picnic.
It was exciting watching him. He is the one sitting on the first helmet on the right.

Coby is in the middle crouched down. Then somewhere in the heap of boys.

The stadium at Curtis High.

(Gunnar had the camera and took an extreme closeup of me but I am adding it only because I am usually behind the camera and therefore it looks as though I am not at any family functions.)
Coby's biggest fans.

Farmers Insurance Company Picnic

On the 16th of this month John had his company picnic at 5 Mile Lake.
We had a great time and it was a beautiful day.
We all played volleyball and I had so much fun. I haven't played for years and I had forgotten how much I loved it.
The boys had a blast playing football.
The pinata...
They played Family Feud. All of the questions had something to do with work. John's team lost but it was pretty funny.
John was an answer to one of the questions. The question was...
Who is the most outspoken in meetings?
John was the second most guessed person in the office. Imagine that!

They also had a fundraiser benefiting babies with special needs. You had to pay five dollars for a pie to throw at the supervisor of your choice. For some reason John had more pies thrown at his face than anyone else. 7 people threw a pie at him. Everyone else had one or maybe two pies in the face. We were laughing so hard. He wasn't.

John and his coworker Robbie Hall with their little"mini-me's.

Fun times!!

2008 Olympics

I have always loved watching the Olympics. This year was especially fun because my boys watched it with me.

I love all of it (my favorite is girls gymnastics) but Coby loves swimming the most. We have always told him that he is going to be a swimmer like Michael Phelps because he has a "swimmers body". He has a really long torso and shorter legs.

We'll see...I guess he better get in more swimming lessons if he going to be that good.

This was the 4x100 freestyle relay where we almost lost but Jason Lezak came from behind... to take the GOLD.

Coby watching girls beach volleyball.

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh win the gold medal in girls beach volleyball.

Gunnar watching the girls play and cheering them on.

The many emotions involved in the Olympic games...