Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is Basketball Done Yet??

Saturday was filled with more basketball. Coby had two games and Chance had two games.
First up was Coby's AAU League Tournament game.
Waiting for their turn on the court...If they lost a game they were out. They won the first game and lost the second. They only lost by three..I think. Coby played awesome.
Chance's team was undefeated going into their game. Before the game they decided to get team pictures. One of the boys was running late.
He showed up they moved in front of the beautiful pink tree.Unfortunately, Uncle Dan wasn't there.Their first game was amazing.It went into triple overtime. It was crazy. In the end... we won!!The second game started off really rough but we managed to pull it together and win that game as well. Chance was the "Gatorade player" on the game because he was so awesome on defense.

Still undefeated!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Acceptance Award

Can you tell Coby was NOT HAPPY I was taking pictures of him. Now can he not be used to this by now? He has had me for a mother for 11 years. Does he not know that I will be taking pictures of him? Come on Coby. Coby was awarded the Acceptance certificate in his class this month. Good job Cobes! Now if he could only accept the fact that I will be taking pictures of him.
Congratulations from the principal...Mr. Blix. The reason he is smiling (in the picture below) is because...on purpose...he's holding his certificate upside down.In this next picture he wouldn't even hold his certificate so his friend Drew had to.
Maybe they should rethink this award.
Elijah, Mikey, Coby, and Drew

Just kidding!! Good job Coby!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Honor Roll

Once again Chance was on the honor roll. I am so proud of him.
Chance and his friend Nick.He was a little disappointed because he received the "Blue Award" and not the "Silver Award". You get the Silver Award if your GPA is 3.6 to 3.9 and you get the Blue Award if your GPA is 3.2 to 3.5. You get the Gold Award if you have a 4.0. Chance had a little bit of trouble with Spanish class this semester so his grade point average fell just a bit. However, he is determined to get the Silver Award again so he is working hard and so far right on track.

Way to go Chance. You are so smart and I know you can get that Silver Award. But, I hope you know...Blue is awesome too.

Trophy Cupcakes

My friend Nancy had a wonderful idea... let's visit a cupcake shop in Bellevue. At first I thought...are you crazy? Driving to Bellevue for a cupcake.

First of all it was located in The Bravern. A beautiful shopping area complete with an outdoor fireplace that Isaiah loved.We got to the little shop and it was darling.They had so many different choices. On the drive over Isaiah asked if the cupcakes were going to "have a ring on top". I told him no but to my surprise not only would he be able to get a ring on top but he could choose which ring he wanted...PERFECT. He chose Darth Vadar...of course.


Isaiah went with a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting. I had a taste and it was delightful. Ella had a pretty pink mini cupcake.I finally decided on this beauty...It was delicious!!

Isaiah and Izy having a conversation about how good their cupcakes were.Nancy and Christina got cupcakes to go.

(I wish I wold have done that because they were soooooo good!)

I think Tyler wanted more .

I had such a great time with Isaiah

And Nancy...It was sooooo worth the drive. Thank you!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet "Kuntay"...

In Science class Chance was supplied a fertilized egg. He was supposed to provide shelter, as well as protect and "love" his egg. He had to keep it safe for one week. After the week was up they were going to put the eggs in an incubator and hope they hatch. I asked Chance what he named his egg. I fully expected him to say that he hadn't named him. To my surprise he said, "KOONTAY"...spelled K-u-n-t-a-y. He's African American". I walked into his room the other day and he had placed Kuntay in front of his radio so he could "listen to music".

What a great dad.

I will let you know if it hatches. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Forgetful Fairy

I can't believe this happened... but the Tooth Fairy didn't visit Gunnar last night. We are thinking that she was really busy and a lot of kids must have lost teeth yesterday. Gunnar thinks she may not have seen his tooth because it was under his pillow. He now has one bag with his tooth and another with this note inside...Gunnar said,
"This way she won't be confused".He also put this sign on his door...

Keep Out!

reservations for the Tooth Fairy

That stinkin' Fairy. She better show up tonight or she'll have some major problems.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Vi$it from the Tooth Fairy

Gunnar pulled out his own tooth last night.
It was ready to come out so it didn't bleed that much.
He put it in a labeled baggy so the Tooth Fairy would be able to find it easier.
I wonder how much he will get for that beauty!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Melting Pot..again

Can you believe it? We have found ourselves, once again, at the Melting Pot. You would think that we would get sick of it...NOPE!! McKenzie and Jen were both in town visiting so we decided to eat our usual cheese and chocolate.
Holly, Jen (the one hidden by the sun), McKenzie, Me, Analisa, and Heather
This picture came out black so I had to tweak it to even make any of us visible. We had a great time. It is so sad that Jen and McKenzie live far away. We miss them.
We told ghost stories, chatted, and laughed.
McKenzie, Analisa, Jen, and Heather.

Come back soon!

Basketball, Basketball, and more Basketball

Another tournament...Get that ball Coby...Nice steal...Great shot... On the bench...Awesome win Team Roy!

Coby's team won two games and lost two games. The beat the undefeated team but still came in second (I guess).

Next game, next game plan from coach Earl.Malachi was also at the tournament. They won the whole thing. Good job team Regus!The 4th grade (but Chi is only in third grade) champions...
Congratulations from Uncle John...#1