Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Parties

Gunnar had an entire day full of Valentine fun. Every single thing they did was somehow related to Valentines Day and LOVE. They made these beautiful heart necklaces...and "heart" shaped pizza. I was in Gunnar's classroom most of the day but I was able to sneak off for a bit and go to Coby's class. They were just starting their party. They started off by playing Pictionary.

All of the words had to do with love or Valentines Day.

They also did a word search and a few other worksheets.
They even played "Pin the Heart on the Guy".
Gunnar had so much fun opening his Valentines from his much fun...perhaps.I had a great time spending the day at the boys school.

They both had awesome Valentines parties. I love you guys!

Thank you for letting me spend the day with you.

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