Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Days "Gig" #4...i think

Chance was a little nervous for this particular gig because his drummer, Chris, was not going to be able to make it. Zach is pretty good at drums so he decided to play drums... that left Chance to play the guitar and sing. He chose a few songs he felt comfortable playing and singing. His "big song" was entitled So Cold by Breaking Benjamin.
He did awesome!! He also did a Buckethead song and a few others.They played about 5 songs at the beginning of the night. Then near the very end the played 2 Michael Jackson songs. They had never rehearsed these songs so I was quite shocked when Chance got up and went to the drums. WHAT?? They played Smooth Criminal and...
Beat It!
No one knew all the words to Beat It so they just played the instruments. Kendra and I were tempted...for a split get up on stage to sing ourselves but...I think Chance would have killed me for sure.
Thanks again for coming Kendra. Chance loves it when you are there.
Chance did great on the drums. I was impressed.

It was a great night...once again.

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