Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Clark Kids Night #10

Time again for our night out (minus one important person...come home Rocky).
Beau picked Applebee's. I LOVE Applebee's. The service is usually horrible but last night it was good. We were pleased.We had a little over an hour before our movie started so we walked around Target and shopped for Valentine cards and cases, upon cases, of baby wipes.
We had so much time to burn that we went through the entire movie section and reviewed all of the movie that we had seen.

Romi and I got in trouble (from Beau) for not seeing every single Will Ferrell movie. Sorry I missed Semi-Pro... I didn't know anyone saw that movie.

and Ian got made fun of (by Beau) for seeing

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

(and almost tearing up).

After Target Ian got Miss Fields cookies for the movies and Romi got ice cream. Beau and I had a 5 calorie piece of gum..whoo hoo. I told Romi they weren't going to let her in the theater with her ice cream cone. She said, "watch me". And that is exactly what I did. I watched her walk right in with her cone...whatever. Right before we entered the movie theater there was a couple of guys in front of us entering the same movie. One of them belched really loud and Beau said, "Way to go guy" as he himself (Beau) started entering the women's bathroom (he was only a step away). I wasn't going to tell him that he was going into the wrong bathroom but Romi felt he might get hit so she let him know that he was going in the wrong door. All Ian said was,

"Way to go guy".

Hilarious!! We were laughing so hard!

We had so much fun. Thank you for a great night!

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