Tuesday, February 16, 2010

100th Day of School

I got to go to Gunnar's class today and help with all of the 100th day activities.
They made a hat with 100 things on it. He drew ninjas..of course...and red squiglies. Then he got tired and drew dots. He also made a necklace with 100 fruit loops on it. It was beautiful.He brought in 100 legos and throughout the day he did different activities using his legos. Other kids brought in pennies, mini-marshmallows, noodles, paper clips, peanuts, and a ton of other creative things.
At the end of the day he, and two other kids got a certificate for being the only ones to have all of their "100 Journal" turned in. Way to go Gunn!
Here is the class with all of their hats and necklaces on.
So funny!

Another fun day in the classroom.

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