Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trophy Cupcakes

My friend Nancy had a wonderful idea... let's visit a cupcake shop in Bellevue. At first I thought...are you crazy? Driving to Bellevue for a cupcake.

First of all it was located in The Bravern. A beautiful shopping area complete with an outdoor fireplace that Isaiah loved.We got to the little shop and it was darling.They had so many different choices. On the drive over Isaiah asked if the cupcakes were going to "have a ring on top". I told him no but to my surprise not only would he be able to get a ring on top but he could choose which ring he wanted...PERFECT. He chose Darth Vadar...of course.


Isaiah went with a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting. I had a taste and it was delightful. Ella had a pretty pink mini cupcake.I finally decided on this beauty...It was delicious!!

Isaiah and Izy having a conversation about how good their cupcakes were.Nancy and Christina got cupcakes to go.

(I wish I wold have done that because they were soooooo good!)

I think Tyler wanted more .

I had such a great time with Isaiah

And Nancy...It was sooooo worth the drive. Thank you!


The Watson's... said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed!I still want to go back and try a couple of others cupcakes!

scott and ashley said...

You're making my mouth water!!!!!