Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

My brother, Beau, served a two year mission in New Orleans so with that being said, I was cheering for the... ...for sure.
We had a great time watching the game but for some reason I was pretty sure the Colts were going win. While we watched the game Coby and Gunnar had a little game of themselves.

Saints vs. Colts/Coby vs. Gunnar John got in on the fun.
Gunnar was hilarious. For some reason every time he caught the ball he would have his tongue out. I thought for sure he was going to fall (or be tackled) and bite down on it.
The pictures are probably to small to see it but his little tongue is out in the first two funny.

I was so happy for the Saint's when they won. What a great game.

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