Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amtrak to Portland

While Chance was performing at Happy Days...Coby had a basketball tournament in Portland. John, Gunnar, and Coby left Friday night. I stayed home to watch (and record) Chance's gig on Saturday. Coby had an early game on Saturday morning and they WON!! Yay! He had another one later on in the day and they won that game as well. I was so sad I had to miss them but I was happy they were doing so well.
We decided that I would take a train to Portland (on Valentines Day morning) so I could try to catch at least one of Coby's games. Unfortunately, the first one was in the morning so I missed it. I wanted to be with my family though, especially John, on Valentines Day. Chance stayed home and stayed with Zach so it was just me on a three hour train ride to Portland. It was kind of nice because I was able to sit the entire time and read. It was very relaxing/bumpy.
Waiting for the train to arrive...
Here it comes...
Everyone around me had their arms full of Valentines presents. It was very cute. Flowers, teddy bears, chocolate hearts. I loved it!
It was a beautiful ride.
I actually can't believe we haven't done this as a family. We will have to plan a trip sometime soon. The boys would love it!

The big problem was that I took way to many Dramamine pills because I didn't want to get sick on the train so by the time I arrived I was highly medicated and could barely keep my eyes open. John picked me up and we headed straight to Malachi's game. Malachi was also in a tournament. It was so fun to be able to see of his games as well.

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