Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Dinner...don't be jealous

We were going to eat dinner at Red Robin but thought we would check out the "fun restaurant" across the street. You know...try something new. What we didn't know was that it was fast food. Hilarious! Sophie was not pleased. I guess we should have known since it was called Burgerville.
Our delicious Valentines Day dinner. I love you John!Can you see how thick my meat was in my hamburger. DELISH! Happy Valentines Day Romi and Dan.A basketball tournament would not be complete if Coby didn't jam his finger. It is the fat ring finger on his right hand...OUCH!Isaiah was going through all of the family members and saying what color they were. Romi is peach, Chi is peach, Sophie is peachish brown, Dan and Isaiah are brown etc. etc..
Believe it or not...I am peachish brown. It was so cute.Gunnar was sick the entire weekend. And when I say sick I mean barfing his guts out. I felt so sorry for him (and John because he had to deal with him by himself).
He started to feel a little bit better the very last day...on our way home.After our gourmet dinner the kids wanted to swim.
Chillaxing The Hot Tub I don't know how safe it is to dunk your head in the hot tub...hummmm.Gunnar deciding if he wanted to join the madness.
After a while most of the people left and Coby, Chi, and Sophie had the pool to themselves.
You can't see him but Coby is under Malachi throwing him up into the air. They had fun...for sure. Look at Sohpie's face.

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