Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday John!

Romi took all three kids (over night) so John and I could celebrate his birthday. We had such a great time. It is wonderful that after almost 15 years of marriage we still are so happy to be together. It doesn't even matter what we do...we always have fun. We went to the movies and out to lunch. After that we weren't sure what we were going to do. I didn't plan anything spectacular...sorry John. We decided to drive to Southcenter and maybe go to dinner or something. We weren't sure. While we were on our way I got out John's computer and started to search for things to do. I thought maybe something would be playing at the Paramount or 5th Avenue theaters. Nothing was. I did, however, notice that John Mayer was at the Key Arena. When we called to see if any tickets were available they said, "yes". It was around 7:30 by then and the show started at 8:00. We parked, walked up to the box office and purchased tickets. We got excellent seats. Just 6 rows from the floor. The great thing was that we didn't have to pay any of the processing fees you usually do when you order tickets on-line or over the phone. It was wonderful.
John Mayer's opening act was Michael Franti. He's the guy that sings Say Hey (I Love You).
He was an amazing entertainer. Everyone was on their feet and dancing. Even John. He went out into the crowd and they went wild. Unfortunately, he didn't come near us but it was exciting anyway. His songs are very reggae. John didn't love the music, though he was thoroughly entertained, but I LOVED it!! I love reggae. It brings me back to the many times my family traveled to Hawaii. It was so much fun. John Mayer was amazing.
He has a great voice and he is a great guitarist. He is so talented. John was in heaven. The only issues I had were the strange facial expressions John Mayer would make while he was singing. It was a little distracting.
Not so bad...but whoa...and really??He was awesome though so I shouldn't complain. Enjoying the show.John Mayer was the only good looking guy on stage. His guitarists and drummers were all old (and not cute). I think he wanted to be the only attractive person on stage. He was.He gave a great concert. I thought it was kinda weird that he didn't play Your Body is a Wonderland. Other than that he played all the songs he should have.

John and I had so much fun. It was exciting to do something so spur of the moment.

I am so glad to have spent the day with my gorgeous husband. I had to make fun of him because he is getting "soooo old". I am lucky to spend my life with John and I look forward to so many more birthday's to come.

I love you!!

Fun in the Sun

There was about 2 hours of sun on the 31st of March.The kids took advantage. They had a picnic and played a 4 on 4 basketball game with the neighbor boys.

They were happy to be outside.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cousin Sleepover

Spring break has been so fun for my kids. They have spent so much time with their cousins, whom they love dearly. They are so close and so lucky to have each other. This was Isaiah's first official sleepover.
He was very excited but a little scared at first. We said a prayer and left on a nightlight/lamp. He seemed to be fine after that.

Sweet dreams!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Academic Achievement Award...

given to Coby for having the highest GPA in his class for the month of March!!
Congratulations from the principal!!Good job Coby!You have been working so hard and it paid off.
Smart boy!

The 5th grade class have been practicing this rap for weeks. I didn't record a lot of it but I think it turned out great.

Gunnar's First AR Test

At Gunnar's school they have a program called AR (Accelerated Reader). What you do is read a book then take a test to see how well you comprehended the book. This program is offered to students 1st through 5th grade. Because it is not offered to kindergartners Gunnar's teacher had never offered it to her students...until this year. Gunnar is such an amazing reader that she decided to let him start the program one year early. The books in the school library are all labeled with the the AR level on the spine. For example if you are in 5th grade you should be able to read a book that is a 5.0 or above. A 5.3 would mean you are reading a book that is perfect for a 5th grader in the 3 month of school. They test the kids reading ability and then decide what level they should be reading. Gunnar tested at a 3.0, which means he is able to read at at a third grade level. Gunnar feels so special because he gets to walk down to the library...all by himself...and pick out an AR book. (The kids in his class don't think it is fair that he gets two library books and everyone else only gets one.) The first AR book he chose was a 3.7 (3rd grade 7th month). I was sure he could read it but I was a little worried that he might not be able to comprehend what he was reading. He read the book a few times and then took the test the following day. There are 10 questions on the test and Gunnar got 9 right.
He passed!!
We were so proud of him. Way to go Gunnar!
(Romi...because you are such a pro please correct me if I wrote wrong information about AR. I think I explained it right but I don't know for sure. I can't thank you enough for being the reason Gunnar LOVES reading. It is truly because of you.)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

My beautiful mom celebrated her _ _ th birthday this week!!
Romi, Isaiah and I joined her at Azteca for lunch.Isaiah wishing grandma a
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!¡feliz cumpleaƱos! AbuelaLater, my mom and I got Miss Fields cookies, popcorn and water and headed to the movies. We saw... It was phenomenal.
I am so happy I got to spend the day with my mom. I had so much fun.

Thank you mom for showing me what it is to be a mother, a friend, a woman, a wife, and a child of God. I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Girls Weekend at Alderbrook Resort and Spa

This was our view driving to our cottage in Union, WA....and this was our view from our room...
Me, Dena, Lisa, and Kendra had a wonderful girls trip to... the Alderbrook Resort and Spa. Before I get ahead of myself let me start at the beginning. First, we drove to Uptown Gig Harbor for some lunch and shopping before we headed to our get-away. We ate at a beautiful Thai/Vietnamese restaurant called Lele. I had never eaten Thai food before so I ordered...

Vietnamese Macaroni Tofu/Pork/Chicken: 12.99 Beef/Prawn: 14.99

A popular Macaroni dish from Vietnam. The Macaronis are pan fried with garlic, onion, and tomato sauces.

I figured... how could you go wrong with macaroni? It was delicious!

After I bought a cute dress and a few shirts we made our way to the resort.We had a little cottage on the corner. It was so cute. We had a wonderful view of the water.
It was so nice to sit and talk and not have to worry about making dinner, doing laundry, cleaning the house, etc. etc. After we sat for hours and talked we walked to the restaurant and had dinner.We talked all night and then got up (whenever we felt like it). I started my morning with a delicious cup of hot chocolate right in my own room.We took a short walk on the dock. It was sprinkling a bit so we didn't venture off too far.We had so much fun!!
I can't wait for our next girls weekend.
Thank you Kendra, Lisa, and Dena!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Grandma and Grandpa went to New Zealand...for a looooong time. They brought back presents for the boys. Coby loves his new hat.

Thank you grandma and grandpa!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Piper Turns 2

Melissa made this cake for Piper's birthday. Can you believe it? I certainly can't. It is absolutely incredible. People would pay hundreds of dollars for a cake like this and Melissa just whipped it up. Beautiful!!Piper is obsessed with Minnie Mouse. Can you tell?Lucas and Gunnar having fun at the party.She is so pretty.At first Piper was a little shy when we started singing Happy Birthday to her.It only took her a second to get used to the idea of CAKE...yummy!She loved it!!Piper with her mommy and daddy.

I can't believe she is so big.

Love you Piper!