Saturday, March 13, 2010

Piper Turns 2

Melissa made this cake for Piper's birthday. Can you believe it? I certainly can't. It is absolutely incredible. People would pay hundreds of dollars for a cake like this and Melissa just whipped it up. Beautiful!!Piper is obsessed with Minnie Mouse. Can you tell?Lucas and Gunnar having fun at the party.She is so pretty.At first Piper was a little shy when we started singing Happy Birthday to her.It only took her a second to get used to the idea of CAKE...yummy!She loved it!!Piper with her mommy and daddy.

I can't believe she is so big.

Love you Piper!


Jennifer said...

That cake is amazing! I can't believe it! How cute. Your blog looks nice these days. (As usual).

Stephanie said...

How fun! What an amazing cake! I wonder how long it took her.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

that's awesome! can she give me some pointers!