Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Days "Gig" #5

Zach and Chance singing away...Well Chance was singing...Zach was screaming...literally...screaming.This gig was to help them prepare for the upcoming Talent Show.
P.S. These posters are up all over Tacoma and in local schools. I have seen them in different restaurants and stores (I took both of the picture used on the poster...thank you very much).They did three new very "hard metal" songs.After their performance the judges critiqued them and gave them advice. They told them they received the highest scores of the far. They thought they were extremely good and that they could tell how much time they put into rehearsals. They couldn't believe they were such talented musicians at such a young age.One judge said they need to work on their "believability". He said they looked like the Jonas Brothers trying to play hard rock and they needed to look more like "hard rockers". At that point I had to pipe in and tell them I preferred the "Jonas Brothers look" over "hard rock" look. I'm not even sure what the "hard rock look" is...but I don't want to find out.

Good job Society's Voice and good luck on Saturday!

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