Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Fest Tournament

Coby had another tournament this weekend. The first team they had to play were the Panthers. Coby was on the Panthers last year. So you can imagine how badly he wanted to beat them.
Team Roy at half time...Tavion and Zane
Coby and EJ Stef'funMontray, Jovi, Tavion and ZaneIt was a beautiful day so during halftime Gunnar got to play outside. I always feel sorry for him because he gets yanked around to all of his brothers activities. He hardly complains...poor kid.A little basketball with Jaylin and EJ's little brother (I can't remember his name).What is it about a tree and boys?Team Roy beat the Panthers in overtime. It was a crazy game and the crowd was in sane. We were so happy to win.
The next game we beat the other team 77 to 20. It was kind of sad. Coby played awesome and got back to back three pointers.
Coby's 3rd game went well and they beat them. So far we were undefeated in the tournament. We weren't sure who we had to play in the championship game.
But, wouldn't you know it... we had to play our rivals...The Panthers...again.

Coby attempts a free throw...

Gunnar and Bishop trying to entertain themselves.

Once again the game against the Panthers was very close. We were down by 4 with only a few seconds to go. Somehow we got two baskets and when the buzzer went off we were tied. Overtime...again...with the Panther's.
With another three minutes to go we were so nervous. The fans were on their feet and going crazy.
In the end...WE WON!! Team Roy won the championships.
It was so awesome.Coby was a little excited. We told him to jump like that more often and he might get more playing time...Way to go Team Roy!!

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