Friday, January 30, 2009

The next Jon Bon Jovi?

I love Jon Bon Jovi
This morning I got the privilege of hearing Gunnar rockin' out in the shower. He was singing Livin' On A Prayer. He knew it word for word and he sounded amazing. I wish I would have somehow been able to record his beautiful voice. But, if you want to know what he sounded like just click the link...
Listening to Gunn sing that song, and with such passion, I couldn't help but think...I have raised him well.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Every other Tuesday the Fife Community Center has a play date from 9:30 -11:30.
They open a large room and fill it with toys. They also have a craft and snacks.
Gunnar loves to do the crafts.This week they made a snake chain with googly eyes.Fun with the fire engine...


and tube.

Gunnar and his friend Howard chasing each other through the tube.

Gunnar has a great time playing with his friends and I love to sit and chat with friends.

Monday, January 26, 2009

More Titans Pics

Here are some pictures from Chance's first basketball game. There is a parent on the team who has an amazing camera and takes great pitures.
Here is Chance blocking a pass.
Let's go Chance.

Here are more pictures of his second game.

We were ahead 2 to 0. The only time the entire game we were ahead.

Chance leading the charge.
Chance with a fast break down the court


Do you guys remember this stuff growing up? I loved it! The kids got some a few weeks ago and have been creating fun balloons ever since. They got a huge tube and a giant straw.

Coby's best creation so far.
He says it's a duck. Good work Cobes.
Looks like a duck to me.

Gunnar couldn't have Coby making a better balloon animal than him so he tried and tried to make something similar. He was getting a headache from blowing so hard.

Look what he came up with. It looks pretty good to me.

A chick!

Bubbles Below Freezing

Gunnar and Isaiah wanted to blow bubbles. I said no because it was so freezing but then I decided I would just bundle them up and let them have fun. I figured they wouldn't last long because their hands would get wet and cold.
Isaiah was getting so frustrated because he couldn't get the "bubbles to blow up".

Finally, Gunnar couldn't handle it any more and held Isaiah's hand out so he wasn't "kissing the wand".


They were outside longer than I thought they would be.

Isaiah came up with a great plan. He didn't like his hands getting "slimy" from popping the bubbles so he used a stick instead. It was a little trickier but he was able to pop a lot anyway.
They had so much fun. I was glad I let them do it.
I hope that didn't contribute to Isaiah's cold...sorry Romi.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Choo Choo, Target, and Panera

I took Gunnar and Isaiah to the Commons Mall yesterday to play on the train. They thought we were going shopping. As we were walking toward the train Isaiah said, "we can't play on the train today. Nope, not today, Maybe another day. But it would be fun to play on the train". I was so pleased to tell him he could play as long as he wanted. He was so excited. We met up with some friends and between everyone I think there were 10 boys and 2 girls. All I can say is be glad you were not there. They had so much fun but, as you can imagine, it was crazy. They played for so long and got so tired that they were ready to go shopping.
Target Time.After Target we went to Panera. I LOVE Panera.
As you can see from this picture Isaiah was tired from playing so hard. I thought he was going to fall asleep sitting up.
Every time we go there Gunnar get a turkey sandwich. He decided that he wanted to get soup. I knew for a fact that he was not going to eat it. I think he wanted it because that is what I always get.
Chicken noodle...yummy!
By the look on his face, it would appear, that Gunnar was forcing himself to eat it.
He actually ate every last bite and loved it.
I got my, baked potato soup, in a sourdough bread bowl. The best ever!! After he was done with his he asked if he could eat it. I had finished my soup so the only thing that remained was the outside crust. He ate almost the entire thing. He is definitely going through a growth spurt because he eats all day long and he is getting really tall.
I guess next time I will get his soup in a bread bowl, as well.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Titans Basketball

Chance had his second basketball game last night. He was awesome. He is playing for the Norpoint Titans 14U team. He is the smallest one on his team and possibly the youngest. He has boys on his team that are significantly taller than John and he is 6ft.
Their first game they won but Chance didn't play a lot. Last night's game was a different story.
Chance is #2.
The coach giving them a pep talk before the game. Chance started the game as point guard and did a great job of bringing the ball up the court.
Waiting for the rebound.
Looking for the pass.
The boys started off really rocky and quickly were behind by over 15 points.
Chance sat on the bench for a while but when he was put back into the game he was on fire. He was playing great defense and had some awesome blocks and steals.
After Chance was put back in he didn't come out because he was playing so hard. I don't know if you will be able to tell but Chance is the one in the air getting the rebound. He jumped over all the other kids and got it. He is in the far left of this picture.
The boys played so well the second half of the game. If they would have been playing this well the entire time the score would have been a lot different.
Look how small Chance was compared to the other kids. He held his own thoughWe were getting killed so bad that Gunnar started to get bored and asked if he could take some pictures...thanks Gunnar...very flattering.
He also got a shot of Coby and Jemeriquoi.Chance was getting tired near the end of the game because he was running so hard.Here is Jordan, his buddy, preparing for a free throw.The bad news is, we lost. The good news is we didn't lose as bad as we thought we were going to. If one team is up by 25 points they turn the scoreboard off...mercy rule. The scoreboard remained on the entire time. It was iffy there for a while but we were able to even the gap, a little, toward the second half.
Way to go Titans!
You had a great game Chance.