Monday, August 31, 2009

Cub Camp

Coby went to Cub Camp this summer and he LOVED it.
I found this picture on my friends blog and was so excited!!
Josh, ?, O.J., Coby, TannerThanks Valerie!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jiro's Three

Jiro had his 3rd birthday party today we spent the afternoon with our dear friends.
Etsuko helping Jiro with the cake...make a wish!

The guys...
John (Kendra's husband) w/Grant, Chris (Etsuko's husband), and JohnGrant, Chance, Coby, Gunnar, Bennett
They spent a lot of time on this rock.

The girls...Donna, Melanie, Anastasia w/Calista, Rena, Kendra, Me, Etsuko

Me and Kendra

Kendra's son, Bennett, loves Gunnar. As I was taking these pictures of the boys watching Jiro open his presents, Bennett looked up at Gunnar and said, "we are going to be best friends forever, right?" Gunnar said "yep". It was so cute. They really are great friends.

Happy Birthday Jiro!

Happy 30th Beau

We all helped Beau celebrate his 30th birthday on August 29th. Along with Beau's birthday we were also celebrating Melissa's college graduation from WWU.Melissa made an awesome cake.
Beau likes dogs.

Happy Birthday Uncle!!Beau's scare is healing great. There is only a tiny swelling left on the side of his head. The one thing that we noticed was that he now has a small indention on the side. I think once the swelling is totally gone it will not be as noticeable. It really isn't that noticeable anyway though.

We sang a beautiful rendition of "Happy Birthday Graduation to you"...
Making a wish and blowing out the candles.

Apparently Beau is NOT a huge American Idol fan. The expression on his face says it all.

We got Beau a TapOut hat and shirt. He was trying so hard to look gangsta but he was laughing to hard and couldn't quite pull it off.Melissa got a lot of money.

You almost got the gangsta look this time Beau...Almost.Piper, Gunnar, and Lucas playing, oh, and Chance.

We love you so much Beau!

Happy Birthday...old man!

Chalk Art

I was at Romi's house the other day when I noticed this glorious piece of artwork outside...Rocky * Romi

Jaime * Sisters Forever!

The amazing artists...Coby and Sophie.Isn't that sweet?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Crying With Style

Gunnar says the funniest things. He wanted ice cream from 31 Flavors and when I told him that I was not going to drop everything I was doing and rush to get him ice cream he started to have a fit. In the midst of his fit I said...

"Gunnar, stop whining".

with his eyes still filling with tears...because I am so mean...he said...

"I am not whining, I am crying with style".

Of course, I started laughing and even though Gunnar was still mad he couldn't help himself and he had to laugh , as well.

He is one funny I love him.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Alopecia Areata

So, I was enjoying a wonderful dinner with my sister, Romi, and Teri. We were having such a great time catching up with each others lives. I hadn't seen Teri in...well, forever, so it was so nice to be able to sit and chat. Until, I felt something odd on the back of my head. I felt a very smooth patch of skin near the bottom of my head just above my collar. I freaked out and made Romi take a look at it. She said, "yep, you have a bald spot on the back of your head".
I started to panic and made her take a picture of it so I could see... and here it is. Isn't that lovely? Are you kidding me?

I went to the doctor the very next day and he said I had alopecia areata.


He informed me that I would NOT go bald...

thank goodness...

but that I may, and will most likely, get more bald spots.


I am supposed to keep my stress levels way down. The more stressed I am the more bald spots I'll get.


They are going to run some blood tests to make sure I don't have an autoimmune disorder.

This is a joke...right?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meet The Teachers Night

Coby looked thrilled walking into his new 5th grade classroom.
I don't think he is ready for summer to be over.
There was a note on his deck from a girl in Mrs. Broda's class last year. The note gave him some very good advise, "don't talk a lot because Mrs. Broda can be very cranky". Lovely welcome to the class. Should be a fun year.After reading the note, Coby was even less thrilled.
The only person in his class that he really knows is a kid named Jack, that he doesn't really like. Swell. At least he was able to hang out with his best buddy, Mikey.

Meet Mrs. Broda. Next, we were headed to Gunnar's new classroom. He was so excited to meet his new teacher and see his room. He quickly found his name at a table and found his cubby.

Then, Gunnar had to write his name on the board. He did a beautiful job.

So cute!
This is his new kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Sharp. Gunnar thought she was "very pretty and nice". He was right. She is going to be a fantastic teacher. Gunnar is counting down until the first day of school. This will be the only year these two will be in school together. I am glad Coby will be there to help Gunnar. He is a great big brother and I know he will show him the ropes.

School starts on September 2nd.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Beau's Walking...

That's right...look at him. He is in an upright, standing, position. You have no idea how wonderful it is to see him like this. I have not seen him in any other position, other than sitting or lying down, since he had his first seizure on July 17th. It took everything I had not to cry hysterically when I saw him get out of his car. I was just so excited. I was expecting a wheelchair or at least a walker but he did it all by himself. He walked right into the house and sat down. When it was time for dinner, he stood up and got his own plate. I can't believe it.
The boys were excited to see him, as well. We couldn't peel Coby from his side for the first half of the party. It was so nice to have him there.
I want you to know Beau that I am so proud of you. I know that I am the big sister so I am supposed to be an example to you, and teach you, but Beau you have now become the teacher. You are teaching me what it means to be strong and brave. You are teaching me not feel sorry for myself because I have a hang nail or a zit. You have taught me the importance of love and of family and of life.
*His head is looking so good. He only has the small pocket of fluid by his eye and that is it. AMAZING!!
If you are me. If you are me. If you are me. If you want to me. If you need to me. If you need to me. If you need to shop, by all me. If you are me. If you are me. If you need to sit and do me. I am here for you Beau and I wouldn't want to be any where else.
I love you with all of my heart little bro!