Sunday, August 9, 2009

Road Trip - Day 8

August 9, 2009
Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch
Picacho, Arizona
12:20 PM

The first thing we did when we got to the ostrich ranch was take a monster truck tour through the desert. It was amazing.

John, Gunn, me, Coby, Chance, Ted, and Jane...Dave (John's other brother) was taking the picture. We learned so much and had many stops along the way. Both mommy and daddy ostrich's take care of there eggs. The daddy's are black and the mommy's are brown.

Here is a daddy taking care of the eggs, or eating them. I am not sure which.Our tour guide was hilarious. Here she is standing on an ostrich egg. They have very thick shells. She passed it around and it was really heavy.

Can you hear anything Gunnar?

Then she passed around a hollow egg.

Coby was fascinated with the rattler from a snake.

Then it was time for the 4x4ing. Gunnar sat between his uncles so he wouldn't go flying out of his seat.

Chance and Coby sat at the back of the truck because that was where you were supposed to catch the most air.

We stayed towards the middle. John and Dave caught some serious air. It was so much fun. We were going over huge hills/mountain and into deep craters/canyons.Next stop...You put an orange at the end of a pole and the ostrich go crazy trying to get the fruit. It is a little intimidating because all of their mouths are open and they are MEAN!After fishing we went to feed the deer.Then the ostrich...

I was scared half to death.
And yes, they do bite!
Gunnar loved feeding the donkey.

They were so nice and gentle.

My favorite part was feeding the lorikeets.

You get a little cup of nectar and they just flock to you. However, don't be fooled by their amazing colors and cute face...they bite, too. But they are beautiful.

There is a sign on the door as you enter that says it is "good luck" if a lorikeet poops on you. You are supposed to make a wish. Lucky for John, he got pooped on twice. HA!

This bird loved Jane and stayed with her long after her nectar was gone. It just kept licking her face and neck over and over.
Coby found a huge ostrich feather and they let him keep it. Coby also bought a hollow ostrich egg as a souvenir.

After the ostrich ranch we headed over to Dave's house for a BBQ. The boys spent the entire time in his pool.

We had another great day.

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