Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Road Trip - Day 4

August 5, 2009
Depart from Fresno, California
8:20 AM
At this point in our trip we were kinda playing by ear. John found a water park in San Dimas, California so we headed there.
After going to Target and getting towels and sunscreen we finally got there at
12:30 PM.All ready for fun.We had a great time at the water park. It was a large park so there were a lot of things to do. The very first thing we did was get in line for a water slide. We were in line FOREVER.
It was finally our turn. Chance and Coby went first. Gunnar can't swim so I went first so I could be at the bottom waiting for him. As soon as I got in the tube I though, "oh no". It was pitch black so you had no idea when there was going to be a twist or turn. Plus it went SO FAST!! Also, when I finally hit the water at the bottom I thought I was going to drown. Water got up my nose and in my mouth and I came up gasping for breath. I was scared myself but I was even more scared for Gunnar to go down. As I was waiting for him at the end of the slide my heart was beating so fast. I knew he would be bawling hysterically and terrified.
I couldn't have been more wrong. He loved it! Surprise, surprise. I guess I am the only wimpy one. I actually liked the slide. I was going down thinking of Gunnar the entire time though, so it was hard to really enjoy it. We waited in line again for a 5 person tube ride. It was really fun. The wait was so long though. After that Gunnar and I went to the kiddie area, the lazy river, and the wave pool. John took the older boys to go on all the other slides. At the end of the day we went on one more tube ride all together. By that time it was late and we were cold. It was fun.
Here we are on our tram ride back to the car. Gorgeous boys. We had another long day of fun.

We arrived in Diamond Bar, California at 8:20 PM.
It wasn't far from the water park...thank goodness.
Gunnar found a fun little cubby in the hotel room. He slept there all night.
We weren't sure what we were going to do next. How exciting.

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