Friday, August 7, 2009

Road Trip - Day 6

August 7, 2009
BEACH...allll day!!
We packed everything up and headed to the beach. Each of the kids had their own boogie boards and they were in the ocean almost the entire time.

John caught some killer waves, as well.

Chance was trying to catch a wave...

Lunch time

Chance loved covering his entire body with sand. He said it was warm.We were in the water for a long time and as we were sitting there we noticed a ton of seaweed. At the end of the weed was this strange bulb. We broke the ends off and gave ourselves an amazing manicure. Rocky had the help of her two daughters so she had a full set.I, on the other hand, was on my own and all I could muster was half a manicure. I guess that is just one benefit have having girls...something I know nothing about. I think it still looked quite amazing/extremely scary.

Building sandcastles.

Chance in the sand, once again.

John got a "little" to much sun. OUCH!!

Rocky has a friend that owns a condo. The condo has a private beach, which is where we were all day, but it also has a ton of swimming pools. We had full access to any of the pools. It was nice to jump in after being in the salty ocean.

Nice hairdos Riley and Jory.

Can you believe how dark Chance got?

Swimming with daddy.
Playing a game.

The sunset was incredible. I took about 50 pictures just of the sky.

I will spare you most of them.

Rocky and Austin.

It was a gorgeous night.

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