Monday, August 3, 2009

Road Trip - Day 2

August 3, 2009
Depart Eureka, California
10:35 AM

Today we planned to drive through the Avenue of Giants.

Our first stop was Drury-Chaney Grove.
11:15 AM
It was amazing

The trees were humongous.The boys explored everything.

This giant tree had fallen down years and years ago and it was crazy to be able to stand on it. It went on forever and ever.

The entire time we were there we kept telling the boys NOT to touch the plants and bushes. Just as we were heading out of the forest Gunnar went right through some stinging nettles.
He was not happy about it.

John was determined to find the Drive Thru Tree...and we did.

There were two very small cars in front of us that were to scared to drive through. They waited to see if John would make it. As soon as he was safely on the other side they hopped in their cars and followed.

Yay!! He did it!

The ultimate tree house...

We were stuck in traffic for 2 hours in... Arrived at destination
Oakdale, California
8:50 PM
The boys were so excited to go swimming after a long day of exploring the forest.

John got the boys goggles and Gunnar got a life jacket.

They love swimming. We really need to get Gunnar into swim lessons.

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