Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meet The Teachers Night

Coby looked thrilled walking into his new 5th grade classroom.
I don't think he is ready for summer to be over.
There was a note on his deck from a girl in Mrs. Broda's class last year. The note gave him some very good advise, "don't talk a lot because Mrs. Broda can be very cranky". Lovely welcome to the class. Should be a fun year.After reading the note, Coby was even less thrilled.
The only person in his class that he really knows is a kid named Jack, that he doesn't really like. Swell. At least he was able to hang out with his best buddy, Mikey.

Meet Mrs. Broda. Next, we were headed to Gunnar's new classroom. He was so excited to meet his new teacher and see his room. He quickly found his name at a table and found his cubby.

Then, Gunnar had to write his name on the board. He did a beautiful job.

So cute!
This is his new kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Sharp. Gunnar thought she was "very pretty and nice". He was right. She is going to be a fantastic teacher. Gunnar is counting down until the first day of school. This will be the only year these two will be in school together. I am glad Coby will be there to help Gunnar. He is a great big brother and I know he will show him the ropes.

School starts on September 2nd.


MommaDonna said...

Aw, cute! It's great when they are in the same school, I think that will happen for us again in 4 years. We just had a back to school night tonight and Riley was also less than thrilled, though his teacher is the best one yet. Looks like it'll be a great school year though. I'll brace myself for the teary "Gunnar's first day of school" blog! Already?!

scott and ashley said...

Can you believe they are going to be in kindergarten- I can't! Gunnar looked so cute at his desk and cubby- and of course Coby looked "handsome" :)! Fun fun, we have that exciting night on Tuesday- and don't be suprised if I call you for moral support Wednesday morning kay- poor Olivia has to deal with a Mom like me :)!