Monday, December 29, 2008

Tooth Fairy or Slurpee??

Coby lost a tooth the day after Christmas. He decided that he wanted to keep his tooth instead of giving it to the Tooth Fairy. He asked if I would buy him a Slurpee instead. Gunnar couldn't understand why Coby would rather keep it instead of getting money. Maybe Gunnar will understand when he is a little bit older.
What a beautiful tooth!

It is crazy that Gunnar lost a tooth the day before Christmas and Coby lost one the day after Christmas. Weird!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Would You Rather?

After Christmas at my mom's house we went over to Romi's for dessert and games. The last game we played was called Would You Rather? It was hilarious! The game asks "would you rather" questions. If it was your turn you had to guess what the other players would rather do/be/have etc.. Would you rather be born super intelligent or super beautiful, or, would you rather give birth to one child who is totally out of control or give birth to 15 kids who are all very well behaved. Some of the questions are very hard to answer. Throughout the game you have to complete different challenges. They are silly and sometimes gross. You are given a list of different things and you have to do at least one of them on the card in the time allotted.
Chance had to sit with a spoon in his mouth for two turns.
Romi thought the easiest thing on her card was to have everyone put her in a position of their choice. She had to stand in that position for three turns. The arm in the air was fine and the finger up the nose was fine but then someone made her stand on one leg. She was in so much pain by the end of the three turns.I had to identify three faces with my eyes closed using just my hands. It was way harder than I thought it would be.Sophie had to slow dance with a mop. She even kissed it.

She had to dance with the mop for 60 seconds while Romi was still standing in pain.
Arlyce and Mom thought it was hysterical.
My mom wasn't laughing, however, when it was her turn and she had to switch socks with someone at the table. We made her switch with Coby.It was disgusting. She said his socks were wet. YUCK!!
Coby didn't seem to mind that much except for the fact he had dancing Santa's on his feet. One of the best challenges was when we all yelled out different animal names and Arlyce had to make the sounds that the animals made. It doesn't even sound funny, but let me tell you I was laughing so hard I forgot to even take a picture. I never knew what sound a flamingo made until Arlyce showed me. Unfortunately, her hippopotamus was dying...I think.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at G-ma's

The boys looking awesome in their new clothes.
Malachi, Coby, and Chance
They are going to break some hearts.Merry Christmas!! From our feet to yours.PiperChance with his cousin.The fun begins.

Gunnar, Isaiah, and Luke were patiently waiting their turn.Christmas morning at Grandma's house is always crazy. We open presents one at a time. Youngest to oldest. This year Piper got to go first, then Isaiah, Lucas,

Gunnar, Malachi,

Coby, Sophie, Chance,

Sabrina, Ian, Melissa, Beau,

Me, John,


(Romi and Ian waiting their turns.)
Romi, Grandma, then, last but not least, Grandpa.

Rocky made a wonderful "date night" care package for my mom and dad. It was awesome.The first thing they had to do was my dad had to close his eyes while my mom pointed out the shirt she thought he would look the sexiest in for their date. Then my dad had to try to guess what shirt my mom picked. He was right!

It was so creative and we all had a great time watching them open their presents. What a thoughtful present Rocky. I wish I would have thought of it.Arlyce , Beau , and John, really got into it. They couldn't wait to see what was next.The last present they opened was a photo album Rocky made.

In October My mom, dad, Rocky, and her two girls Riley and Jory went to Cancun. The album was full of pictures from their trip. My mom was very touched. She misses her girls.

Here is the Rocky and family Christmas card this year. It was taken while they were in Cancun. Beautiful.
The End!

We all missed you Jory, Riley, Rocky and Austin.

We hope you will be here next year.

Merry Christmas!

My new camera?

CHEESE!! OK so we decided to take a hundred pictures with my new camera. I realized that a lot of the pictures were coming out blurry. We took the camera back to the store today and they said it was a great camera and it shouldn't be doing that. They gave us a new one but I doubt it will be any different. I am going to use it for a few days and see what happens. Here is our photo shoot. I wish I could say this was all of the pictures we took but there are a hundred and two million more. My gorgeous husband!
This one turned out OK.Not so sure about the quality on this one. I like the picture though.
My dear sweet brother Beau. The funny thing is...he really is sweet but you would never think that from this photo/self portrait.Gorgeous Malachi. See, this one is crystal clear but then others aren't.
There is this great function on the camera that detects a smile. It will automatically take the shot when someone smiles. You don't even have to push the button down. It is very cool. John thought it was the best thing ever and went to almost every single person and took a picture. Actually, he just held up the camera, said smile and as soon as they did, the camera would take the picture. He got a little carried away.

My daddy





my Mommy

Me again


No, I wasn't exaggerating.