Sunday, June 29, 2008

JUNE 2008

June has been an exciting month for our family.

On June 11th I turned 32. WhooHoo!!

On June 14th Jennifer and Erik were sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. It was an amazing experience. John and I had not been to the temple since we were sealed February 15, 1997. I thank Jenn and Erik for getting us motivated and excited to return. Friends and Family

June 15th
Happy Father's Day
Every Father's Day we have a huge brunch at our house. My parents come over, my brothers and usually Romi and her family. (This year Romi's family couldn't come.) Me and my daddy!!
Melissa (Beau's wife), me, and Mom getting ready to prepare the brunch.My neice Piper. She is growing so fast.
This was Beau's first Father's Day. How exciting. I still can't believe Chance is 12 years old. I was getting ready for church the other day and found him in the kitchen tying his brother's tie for him. I almost started crying. My little boy has grown up. I still remember the day he was born. It doesn't seem that long ago.

Thanks Brother!

MAY 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!
(The boys got me a certificate for a haircut and color.)

I am madly in love with these sweet little men. They are absolutely wonderful and they treat me like a princess. I am so lucky to have them in my life. They are going to be wonderful husbands because of the example John has set for them throughout their lives.
They are so loving and caring. I love them with all of my heart and I am so proud to call them my sons.
On Memorial Day me, John, Gunnar, Jenn, and Erik went to Point Defiance in Tacoma. It was a beautiful day. (Chance and Coby went to their friends house so they weren't with us.) We went to the rose gardens, the beach, and we fed ducks at the pond.
What a cute couple. Feeding the ducks.
John and Erik skipping rocks.
Good form John!!
Erik was searching for the perfect rock.

Gunnar graduated from Miss Romi's Little School on May 28th.
He has moved on from preschool and he is now in pre-kindergarten.

Here is the graduating class...

Damon, Isabel, Tanner, Carson, Gunnar, Lucas. The class!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

APRIL 2008

This was Gunnar's first year in t-ball. He played for the Twins. He loved the first 6 or so games. After that, he wasn't so into it. He was playing at the pitcher position and a boy hit the ball really, really hard and it hit Gunnar right in the neck. He had a huge red mark and he decided he didn't want to play in that spot anymore. He did wind up going back out on the field but I think he was a little scared after that. He was so cute. I don't remember the other boys being this small playing baseball but I am sure they both were as well. Gunnar thought he won every game. After each game he would tell us how many games he had played and won. After about three or so games I thought he was going to forget the count, but he never did. He would just say "mom, we have won 6 games" and then the next game he would say "mom, we won 7 games". All the way up to 14 games. We never reminded him of how many games he played because I wanted to see if he could remember on his own...and he did. I thought it was pretty amazing that he could remember from one game to the next. He's so smart!!Coby played AAA ball this year for the Red Sox. His coach was Justin Hinkle. Coby is a great baseball player. This year he played catcher a lot and he was fantastic. His other position was shortstop. I loved going to his games. He has a great natural ability for the sport. He has an awesome swing and an awesome arm. His instincts are wonderful and he just knows what to do.
Chance played on the majors team this year. He played for the Colts and his coaches were Dan Gunn and Jeff Meyers. He had to try out and he did an amazing job at tryouts. There were a few different coaches that had their eye on him. I am glad he got on this team. They were a great team and they came in second place. Chance played third base and right field. He can really hit the ball well. He swings so hard that when he gets out. It was tricky getting all of the boys to their games and practices this year. At times I had to ask my mom to take one of them while John one and I had the other. It was hard for me not being able to go to all of their games but they always had someone there cheering them on.
It was a fun season and I love watching my boys play but I have to say that I am glad it is over...for now.
Bowling with the Miles.
We hadn't bowled in years but we had fun anyway. John beat us all at every game though.
We have so much fun hanging out with Jenn and Erik. They have become our closest friends and we love them so very much.Me and Jenn!John and Popeye...oops...I mean Erik.

MARCH 2008

March is a big month for our family...
Chance turned 12 years old on the 12th.
Coby, Jacob, Hunter, Chance, Zach, Nick, and Gunnar in front.My niece, Piper Joyce was born on the 16th. Congrats Beau and Melissa!!Happy Easter!John turned 34 on the 31st. Presents from the boys.
Family dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.
Daddy and CobyThe boys celebrating!! Snow in March. Can you believe it? Gunnar had to go outside to play.
My dear friends and I watching our husbands play church basketball.
Me, Jennifer, and Ashley


Happy Valentine's Day!
Gunnar informed me, while I was putting him to bed the night before Valentine's Day, that he was so excited to wake up because he knew he was going to get a "huge chocolate heart". I, of course, did not get him one. I ran out that night and found the only chocolate heart I could find. He doesn't look like it in this picture but he was very pleased.

Friday, June 27, 2008


John and I had a good New Year. We went out to eat with my sister Romi and her husband Dan. Then we went to a movie and came home to watch the ball drop in New York with a very old and sad Dick Clark.
My favorite...sparkling apple cider! Yummy! The boys went to Romi's house where they had a little party with their cousins Sophie,Riley,Jory,Malachi,and Isaiah. Rocky was still in town so she stayed home and watched allll of them.


John, Coby, and Gunnar picking out the Christmas tree. Chance decided to stay in the car. He fell asleep. Picture with Santa. Chance asked for Guitar Hero III, Coby asked for a Seahawks jersey, and Gunnar asked for Diego Talking Rescue Center.
Jory, Coby, Chance, Malachi, and Sophie decorating Christmas cookies. We do this every year and then go to friends and neighbors delivering cookies.
Melissa picked my name this year and (among a million other things) made me this beautiful scarf. *Please notice Rocky in the background. Too funny!!Ian, me, Rocky, Romi, Beau.
Every year John gets Almond Roca...I forgot this year...thank goodness my mom didn't. Rocky got him the DC hat.


Gunnar loves his cousins. He is so lucky to have some that are his own age. I decided to take the boys to Oddyssy. This photo was on our way in.
Gunnar, Lucas (my brother Ian's little boy), and Isaiah (my sister Romi's little boy).Every few months a group of my close "mommy" friends get together for dinner.
Me, Kendra, Donna, Etsuko.
Happy Thanksgiving Chance and Coby. Every Thanksgiving we go to my moms house for a feast. The only sibling we are missing is Rocky. We miss her.
Beau, Romi, Ian, Me.
Daddy and his little man!