Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jiro's Three

Jiro had his 3rd birthday party today we spent the afternoon with our dear friends.
Etsuko helping Jiro with the cake...make a wish!

The guys...
John (Kendra's husband) w/Grant, Chris (Etsuko's husband), and JohnGrant, Chance, Coby, Gunnar, Bennett
They spent a lot of time on this rock.

The girls...Donna, Melanie, Anastasia w/Calista, Rena, Kendra, Me, Etsuko

Me and Kendra

Kendra's son, Bennett, loves Gunnar. As I was taking these pictures of the boys watching Jiro open his presents, Bennett looked up at Gunnar and said, "we are going to be best friends forever, right?" Gunnar said "yep". It was so cute. They really are great friends.

Happy Birthday Jiro!

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