Monday, August 24, 2009

Family B-day For Malachi

We were so excited to have dinner at the Afeworks to continue celebrating Chi's birthday.

We were even more excited that Beau was able to make it. He said he was going to try to come but we weren't sure. Not only did he come but he walked...yes walked from his car to the front door.
*More to come on that subject.Piper trying to climb the stairs and Sophie with her aunt Mimi.
Mimi is visiting from Ethiopia.

Dinner time
Piper and MelissaThe birthday boy with uncle John and Romi and Grandma

Make a wish!

As Malachi was opening his last present we NEVER expected his reaction. He stood up, started running around the house, sat back down and proceeded to cry uncontrollably. We were not sure what was going on until we realized his Aunt Mimi and Grandma got him a cell phone.
Needless to say...he was a little happy.

Thank you Mimi and Grandma!
Coby and Auntie Romi.
It was a wonderful night of celebration.

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