Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday John!

Romi took all three kids (over night) so John and I could celebrate his birthday. We had such a great time. It is wonderful that after almost 15 years of marriage we still are so happy to be together. It doesn't even matter what we do...we always have fun. We went to the movies and out to lunch. After that we weren't sure what we were going to do. I didn't plan anything spectacular...sorry John. We decided to drive to Southcenter and maybe go to dinner or something. We weren't sure. While we were on our way I got out John's computer and started to search for things to do. I thought maybe something would be playing at the Paramount or 5th Avenue theaters. Nothing was. I did, however, notice that John Mayer was at the Key Arena. When we called to see if any tickets were available they said, "yes". It was around 7:30 by then and the show started at 8:00. We parked, walked up to the box office and purchased tickets. We got excellent seats. Just 6 rows from the floor. The great thing was that we didn't have to pay any of the processing fees you usually do when you order tickets on-line or over the phone. It was wonderful.
John Mayer's opening act was Michael Franti. He's the guy that sings Say Hey (I Love You).
He was an amazing entertainer. Everyone was on their feet and dancing. Even John. He went out into the crowd and they went wild. Unfortunately, he didn't come near us but it was exciting anyway. His songs are very reggae. John didn't love the music, though he was thoroughly entertained, but I LOVED it!! I love reggae. It brings me back to the many times my family traveled to Hawaii. It was so much fun. John Mayer was amazing.
He has a great voice and he is a great guitarist. He is so talented. John was in heaven. The only issues I had were the strange facial expressions John Mayer would make while he was singing. It was a little distracting.
Not so bad...but whoa...and really??He was awesome though so I shouldn't complain. Enjoying the show.John Mayer was the only good looking guy on stage. His guitarists and drummers were all old (and not cute). I think he wanted to be the only attractive person on stage. He was.He gave a great concert. I thought it was kinda weird that he didn't play Your Body is a Wonderland. Other than that he played all the songs he should have.

John and I had so much fun. It was exciting to do something so spur of the moment.

I am so glad to have spent the day with my gorgeous husband. I had to make fun of him because he is getting "soooo old". I am lucky to spend my life with John and I look forward to so many more birthday's to come.

I love you!!


Jennifer said...

You look so good and so skinny in all those pictures!

scott and ashley said...

Happy Birthday John! And I LOVE John Mayer- lucky ducks!

Suzanne said...

how lucky that you got to see John Mayer! sounds like he had a GREAT birthday! (what a good wife! :)