Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mithing Tooth!

Gunnar's two front teeth have been loose for months. We weren't trying to help the process along because we (ok...maybe it was just me) wanted to have those baby teeth in his mouth as long as possible.
I don't know if it is because he is my baby but I really didn't want him to lose those teeth. Finally we could wait no longer and the day came...He pulled it out all by himself.
I can't believe that my baby boy lost his front tooth. How is this possible? He is supposed to be my "baby" forever. He's not supposed to be a big boy with big boy teeth.
You should hear how he talks. For some reason he now has a new accent. I am not talking about the typical lisp you get when you have a missing front tooth. That would be understandable. It is actually an accent. Like he is French or something. So funny! I hope he gets over it soon. It is driving Chance crazy...HA!
I wonder when the other one will decide to come out.

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Anonymous said...

Cute! Olivia will be SO jealous! She wants to lose a tooth- SO bad. She keeps asking us to see if we think her tooth is loose now... I feel bad for her! He looks darling ( I mean handsome :)!!!)...