Friday, February 26, 2010

Acceptance Award

Can you tell Coby was NOT HAPPY I was taking pictures of him. Now can he not be used to this by now? He has had me for a mother for 11 years. Does he not know that I will be taking pictures of him? Come on Coby. Coby was awarded the Acceptance certificate in his class this month. Good job Cobes! Now if he could only accept the fact that I will be taking pictures of him.
Congratulations from the principal...Mr. Blix. The reason he is smiling (in the picture below) is because...on purpose...he's holding his certificate upside down.In this next picture he wouldn't even hold his certificate so his friend Drew had to.
Maybe they should rethink this award.
Elijah, Mikey, Coby, and Drew

Just kidding!! Good job Coby!

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