Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Elton John & Billy Joel "Face2Face"

I was thrilled when my friend Christina said she had two extra tickets to the

Elton John & Billy Joel concert.

Wednesday afternoon I got a hold of my sister-in-law Melissa and asked if she could be at my house in 2 hours for the concert. I was so EXCITED!! Jodi came and picked me and Melissa up then we headed to Christina's so we could all drive together.

The Space Needle looked beautiful silhouetted by the night sky.We got dinner then made our way to the Key Arena. Then we waited.You should have heard the crowd when the pianos rose from the stage. It was so awesome!
Billy Joel came out first and the crowd...including myself...went wild.Then Elton John came out.

It was such an experience seeing and hearing these two music icons on the stage at the same time.

They did a few songs together then Billy Joel left the stage and Elton John did some songs by himself.Tiny Dancer...

Billy's turn.

Always a Woman To Me...

Uptown Girl...

It's funny because looking at the picture below you would never know we were sitting at a concert. Our seats were on the very top row so we had no one behind us. We had an awesome view of the stage though.

Christina, Jodi, Me, and MelissaCHEESE!!Candle In The Wind...
We were hoping that they would sing Piano Man and they did not disappoint. They saved the best for last.

It was an amazing concert!!

Thank you so much Christina!


Suzanne said...

WOW, i am SO jealous... two amazing artists! i absolutly LOVE billy joel! how fun!

Team Harris said...

Loved your review! It was awesome wasn't it??? I'm so happy you guys came!! :-) Fun, fun , FUN! (By the way... for some reason the videos won't play. BOO. I'll try again later... maybe my system is slow or something.)

Hey... and I just noticed you read NieNie! Isn't she amazing? I've been reading her for a while now. Her whole story is just crazy amazing.

Did you like Dear John? The movie looks like a cool sappy chick flick... and Channing Tatum is certainly not painful on the eyes! (I've always liked Amanda Seyfried!)

Travers Family said...

Ok...I am TOATLLY jealous! I love them both! You are so lucky!