Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is Basketball Done Yet??

Saturday was filled with more basketball. Coby had two games and Chance had two games.
First up was Coby's AAU League Tournament game.
Waiting for their turn on the court...If they lost a game they were out. They won the first game and lost the second. They only lost by three..I think. Coby played awesome.
Chance's team was undefeated going into their game. Before the game they decided to get team pictures. One of the boys was running late.
He showed up they moved in front of the beautiful pink tree.Unfortunately, Uncle Dan wasn't there.Their first game was amazing.It went into triple overtime. It was crazy. In the end... we won!!The second game started off really rough but we managed to pull it together and win that game as well. Chance was the "Gatorade player" on the game because he was so awesome on defense.

Still undefeated!!

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