Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Chance made me this beautiful mask that now, proudly, hangs in my kitchen.
Thank you Chance!Coby made me a clay pot with flowers.Thank you Coby!
Gunnar made me this darling hand plaque.Thank you Gunnar!John got me a gift certificate to Gene Juarez. I can't wait to get my hair done.
Thank you John!

My favorite part of my morning was when Chance, Coby, and Gunnar sang a Mother's Day song for me.
Coby sang while Chance made up a guitar part to accompany him.
Mother's Day Song by Corrin Keeler performed by Coby and Chance..
I woke up this morning and what did see?
my mother's face smiling back at me.
She does so much for our family
And she's fun and so pretty.
I can take my arms and give her a hug,
One I know she would surely love.
And on this special day
I just want to say
Happy Mother's Day and I love you!
Gunnar sang Snuggle Puppy.

Am I lucky or what?
I believe I have wanted to be a mom since I was about 3 years old. I would carry babies everywhere I went. I would feed them and change their diapers and dress them in cute little outfits. I loved them but couldn't wait until I had a "real baby". At the time, however, I had no idea how amazing it truly would be.
I didn't wait long until I did have a "real baby" of my own. Chance changed my life forever and I am so glad. I couldn't imagine loving another baby as much as I loved Chance. Two and half years later I had Coby. He was the perfect little baby. Believe it or not your heart can hold more love than you could ever imagine.
With two boys I was determined, one day, I would have a girl. About 4 years after Coby was born I was finally pregnant again. Sadly, I lost that baby at about 14 weeks and on Mother's day I often think about that baby and wonder. I remember taking pictures on Mother's day (the month before my miscarriage) and I was so happy with my round belly.
A few months later I was ecstatic to find out I was pregnant again. When I found out it was a boy I must admit I was a little sad that I would never have a girl (this was going to be our last) but I was thrilled to be having another baby. Now, looking back, I am so glad I had a boy (obviously). Gunnar is the most amazing little guy in the entire world. My life would not be that same without him. It is crazy how much love your heart can hold. My love for these three is indescribable.
I have been blessed with three amazing boys to love and raise to the best of my ability. At times I am overwhelmed with the love I have for them. I hope I am doing an ok job. Being a mom is tough. I go to bed every single night and wonder what I could have done better that day, what I should have said differently that day, did I handle that right, did I handle this right. Did I hug them enough, did I love them enough, did I teach them enough? But then I wake up in the morning to these beautiful, smiling faces and I know they are happy. They are three of the best people I know and I am so proud to be their mom.
After I spent the day, going to church, reading, taking a nap, and being pampered, we headed over to Romi's house for Mother's Day dessert.
I am so grateful for my mom. It is amazing to have a mom who has always been matter what. I look to her for guidance and advice and she is brilliant. Everything I am I owe to her. She shows me what a mother is and before I make a decision I always stop to think "what would mom do"?Ian was there with Lucas and Beau was there with his family.
I love this girl!Beau wore the perfect shirt (he always does)!!Thank you mom!!

I love you!

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