Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Spring Sing"

Gunnar's Kindergarten Concert
Taylor and Gunnar Normally I wouldn't add every video that I take, however, these are soooo cute and funny. I had to add them all. Kindergarten is such a fun age. They aren't afraid to get down and boogie and sing their little hearts out. They are worth the few minutes it takes to watch...I promise.

Whacky Spring Fever

Down at the Beach

Zippity Do Dah

I Love You

Mrs. Barlow, the music teacher
Love from his brothers,
I MADE them go to support their brother. They were not happy with me but they were glad they went because they had so much fun watching Gunnar do all of his cool moves. It was bittersweet sitting through Gunnar's concert. I realized this will be my very last kindergarten concert...EVER! Very strange/sad to think about.
Proud parents.Gunnar got his favorite ice cream, Rockin' Pop Swirl, for all of his hard work.
(The rest of us got frozen yogurt at Menchie's)

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