Sunday, March 1, 2009

Call Me

Coby has been working hard on accomplishing a few goals. We made a deal with him and told him if he could accomplish one particular goal he could get a cell phone.
We weren't prepared for how soon he would get it done but ...he did it!!

Even though I think he is waaayyyy to young...a promise is a promise, so we headed to Costco.

Chance helped him make his big decision.

This is the one...

The combination of soft–touch paint and brilliant metallic accents make the Motorola MOTO W755 in Black Slate a stylish, eye–catching communication tool. The touch–sensitive controls on the front of the phone let you access music, activate Bluetooth® and adjust ring volume or mute calls without ever opening the phone.

Features: Bluetooth, Music Player, 1.3 Megapixel Camera, etc. etc...

What more could a kid want?

This was his first call on his brand new, very first, cell phone.Good job Coby! We are proud of you!

Now, don't lose it!!


MommaDonna said...

Very cute Jaime!

Deon said...

It is scary how fast they can do things they set their minds to if they want something!