Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Drumline at TCC

Chance had his first Drumline performance at Tacoma Community College on Saturday. I was so sad because I had to miss it. (Coby had his first baseball game at the same time.)
John got to go and he said Chance was amazing. Here they were practicing outside before going into the building for the big show.
Heading into the building.
Chance is so excited that his best friend, Zach, is also in Drumline. They have a great time together.Warming up.Left-Right-Left-Right-Left.The kids did a fabulous job and got a standing ovation from the crowd. I guess the audience just kept clapping and clapping even after the kids were out of the gym.
Here is the Drumline teacher helping the kids load the instruments back in the bus for the ride home.Way to go Chance. I am so proud of you.

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Stephanie said...

I'm sure that he was awesome! Chance is one talented/ gifted kid. All of your children are. Too bad you missed it, but you'll just have to go next time.
What busy lives you lead.