Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Day in the Life of Chance...

Wake up birthday boy!

Chance had his favorite cinnamon rolls for breakfast and he didn't have to share them with anyone.

He played a little guitar.

He talked on the phone and then had to scrape my windshield so I could drive him to school. Sorry Chance, you probably shouldn't have had to do that on your birthday.

Middle he a teenager.

Meeting up with his buddy Spencer.

Unfortunately, for Chance, Coby had a basketball game. But after the game Chance got to pick out whatever restaurant he wanted. He chose Applebee's.
We brought his present in so he could open it there. He got a suit, for church, and a guitar recorder/mixer/thingy. I will have to ask him what it is.

He was very excited about the recorder thingy. John picked it out.

After dinner we ordered him the...

Triple Chocolate Meltdown®
A magnificently moist chocolate cake topped with both dark and white chocolate. Its fudge-filled center will erupt upon first bite! Served with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge.
The best dessert in the whole entire world...and I am not kidding.

He has never liked chocolate but the last few months he has been trying to branch out. He said he wanted one and he ate a few bites leaving the rest of us to devour what was left.

We hope you had a great day Chance. We loved spending it with you.

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