Monday, March 16, 2009

Gunnar's "Photography"

Gunnar was looking through the blog last night and said, "hey mom, you forgot something. Where's my photography?"
I can't believe I forgot to add his "photography".
Gunnar got some teeny, tiny guys at his brothers banquet on Wednesday. He "had to take a picture". I tried to get away with not adding this one... but he made sure I did...thanks Gunn.

You are a great photographer Gunnar!


Tylertopia said...

Lovely photos indeed! :o) Ayden also likes to take pictures once in a while. I should post some of them on my blog. I love how kids view things.

scott and ashley said...

That's actually a really good picture of you (not that you don't take good ones all the time)- but I can see why he didn't want to leave that one out ;)! And be grateful- my luck Ella would have gotten a shot of my nose or something!!!