Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All Star Game

Coby had his "All-Star" basketball game last Saturday. It was held at Stadium High School, in Tacoma.
Side note:
If you saw 10 Things I hate About You then you probably remember the scene where Heath Ledger sings his song on the steps of the stadium. The picture below is the very stadium and the very steps..crazy.The school is absolutely beautiful. Chance will be going there, not this year, but next.
Here is the team having a chat before the game starts. This was the first time this season we played against a team that had a boy taller than Coby.

Let's go Coby.Two points...On the bench. We were playing for the Norpoint League and there were games going on all day long. We were the last team to play for the day. We were playing against the Metro Parks League. Only one Norpoint League team won alllll day. However, the boys had a great game...and won.

The all-star team coached by Marvin.Coby was so excited because even though his friend, Tanner, was not on his team during the regular season, he got to play with him during this game. It was fun.

Tanner and Coby after the game. Great job boys!


amie979 said...

WOOHOO! Stadium Pride!! My brother was in that movie, I'll have to show him to you so next time you watch you can be like Hey I know his sister:)

Stephanie said...

When I watched that movie with a friend in the theatre we were in Idaho and people thought we were crazy for yelling out everyone we knew in the movie. I played soccer on that field many times and went to their prom, but never got to go to the school. It really is beautiful, especially now that they remodeled it a little.