Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday

Piper! My niece, Piper, had her first birthday party on Saturday. John and Coby couldn't make it because they were at Coby's second baseball game of the day.

The Guests..
Chance, Piper, and Grandma

Grandpa...looking oh so skinny.
Good job, Dad, your hard work is paying off.
Gunnar and Sophie

Lucas, Gunn, Malachi, and Beau

Present Time...

Cake Time...

Piper was so cute with her cake. She was very delicate and ladylike.

Here mom, try some...

Beau and his beautiful daughter.

Romi, Luke, Chance, and Gunn enjoying the cake.

We love you so much, Piper.
I can't wait to watch you grow up. You are a beautiful, sweet, funny, and lovable girl.


Deon said...

She is too cute! I remember when you first told me she was born was that already a year ago where has the time gone!!!

Tylertopia said...

Oh man what a total cutie!! That picture featuring her toes, her cake and her frosting belly is priceless! :o)