Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Celtics vs. Lakers

Coby had a rough game last night.
The other teams fans were brutal. Every time our boys made a basket they would "BOOOO" really, really loud. Coby had two air balls and a mother on the opposing team would stand up out of her seat and shout, "AIR BALL" as loud as she could (it echoed through the gym). It was awful. By the end of the game a lot of our boys were near tears. Two boys couldn't take it and were crying on their mothers shoulders. It was very sad. It is so unfortunate that there are people like that. The boys are out on the court just trying to have fun and play their best. It was very despicable.Coby was fouled a ton of times but they only called it twice. He hurt his finger and it is now swollen and bruised. Two different times he was fouled so bad that he landed hard on the ground. He was really hurt.
But he made his free throws...SWISH!!
Good job Coby.

Despite the horrible game the boys wound up winning.

Final score:


Coby's stats:

10 points

6 steals

3 blocks

13 rebounds

2 assists

Take that Lakers.

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